Pork rillettes croquettes are a type of French dish that typically consists of shredded pork mixed with fat and seasonings, formed into small cakes and then breaded and fried.

Rillettes is a traditional French dish made from pork, goose, or duck that is cooked slowly in fat until it is tender and then shredded. The pork rillettes is then mixed with seasonings and sometimes other ingredients such as herbs and spices.

Croquettes, on the other hand, are small cylindrical or ball-shaped fried food, usually filled with meat, fish or vegetables, in a creamy binder (such as a b├ęchamel sauce) that is then coated with breadcrumbs and fried.

Pork Rillettes Croquette is made by combining these two dishes, the Pork Rillettes is mixed with creamy binder and shaped into small cakes, then coated in breadcrumbs and fried. The result is a delicious and savory appetizer or snack, that has a crispy exterior and a creamy, flavorful interior.

In summary, Pork Rillettes Croquette is a French dish that combines the traditional Pork Rillettes with a creamy binder and then breaded and fried to create a delicious appetizer or snack.

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